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Adventure Tours
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Zoom into the most energetic zones and feel a new high as you conqueror them. It would definitely bedazzle the adventure enthusiasts by offering them some of best play grounds. Trekking in Ladakh, Skiing in Gulmarg , Water sports of Goa are just few to mention in the long list of adventure activities.

We are sure you won’t like to miss the soul of India!

Rough GuidesThough trekking in India is not nearly as commercialized as in neighbouring Nepal, the country can claim some of the world's most spectacular routes, especially in the Ladakh and Zanskar Himalayas, where the mountain passes are frequently in excess of 5000m. - Rough Guides.

FrommersJet-skiing, parasailing, windsurfing, wakeboarding, scuba diving, and other ocean-going pastimes are available from a makeshift structure roughly halfway along the beach between Baga and Aguada. - Frommers
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